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Fast loading pages keep 73% more of your existing visitors on your page so you can make instantly more sales without lifting a finger

Customize 100% of all your pages, from landing page to checkout page so everything matches and looks professional

40+proven templates not only give you a wide range of style choices but also cut your development time by 90% and prevent you from spending time and money on something you’re not even sure will work

✓ 3x your sales with advanced conversion tools like 1-click upsells, downsells & bump offers (all code-free)

40+proven templates not only give you a wide range of style choices but also cut your development time by 90% and prevent you from spending time and money on something you’re not even sure will work

✓ 3x your sales with advanced conversion tools like 1-click upsells, downsells & bump offers (all code-free)

Join 1382 Marketers That Use Converdy to Make Their Competition Cry

“This is hands down the best money you can spend on this kind of service. The landing pages are blazing fast and the conversion rates you can get with this are stupid high… I'd recommend them as the go-to landing page builder. I love this"

- Gil Gomes, Entrepreneur

“Converdy is fast! A must have when seconds matter (it costs a lot to attract leads). Wise choice."

JA Garza, Entrepreneur

"I started using Converdy full time as of last week to build all my funnels. Made 39K in sales as of 12/12/2019 for my client on a $542 ad spend. PS: pages load so fucking quickly, it's truly incredible at the volume we're driving"

- Juan Colicchio, Lead Generation Group

"After two days, I'm convinced this is the funnel builder for me. I've banged out several funnels for affiliate products in ONE day... they look great and, like I said, load ridiculously fast"

- Joe Davidson, Entrepreneur

This is Jeremy, a lifetime user. After using Converdy since launch, I was able to help a local farmer sell about $2500 worth of beef and 'barter' for another $400. While that's not very technical, I have more than paid for the membership and wanted to say thanks. Professional, I am not, but I love the product, the set up, the SPEED, and the coming features. The quizzes and cart will be amazing when fully implemented. Users like myself love the product and has already served me well"

- Jeremy Smith, FlintSpark Media

Why's this Important?

Because research by Google has found that 53% of mobile website visitors will leave your site if a web page doesn’t load within 3-seconds.

Another recent Google study reveals that 79% of online buyers will not buy from you again if they have a poor site performance experience on your funnel pages or web pages.

Where do they go? — They go to your competitor!

Can you believe studies of over 5 million websites conducted by Backlinko show that in 2020, the average web page takes 87% longer to load on mobile vs. desktop? Have you checked yours?

This same study shows the average page load time is 4.7 seconds on desktop and 11.4 seconds on mobile.

If you're using Wordpress, it's even worse. Wordpress pages have typically ranked near the bottom in page speed studies.

The bottom line: Whether a potential buyer is choosing a restaurant, finding a lawyer, buying a product, or buying any service, you have a 53% higher chance of selling to a mobile visitor if your page loads in under 3-seconds.

While we're not trying to solve every marketing problem in the book — you must have something better than the funnel and web page builders of today.

You deserve a solution to keep people on your web pages and in your sales flow without needing constant support, extensive web code training, or expert design skills.

We want you to be so happy using our solution to the average to poor performing web page and funnel builders, and using our support, you'll want your entire site hosted by us and stay with us year after year — regardless of what new resources appear from competitors.

And when you need support, you'll get clear answers that help. Support won’t only point you to a video you already watched but didn’t solve your problem or didn't understand because it was too technical. They’ll give you real solutions.

A Powerful Formula For Sales

Hi, I'm Johan van Asperen Vervenne.

I'm a co-founder at Converdy and I'm very involved in our development, marketing and creating the most modern and useful, high-speed, high-converting funnel and web page builder ever.

As an online marketer, I know first-hand the impact the flaws of modern drag-and-drop digital sales funnel creators and web page builders can have...

· Most need you to do more coding than you thought when you purchased

· The speed of the published pages is too slow

· Too many rely on WordPress which is proven to be too slow

· You get average to poor support when you have problems

· Many try too hard to be the all-in-one marketing solution, bogging you down in endless features

· Days are lost when you can't get solutions to your design and development glitches and headaches

· You can’t create the marketing and sales flows that make visitors want to stay with you

I and my fellow co-founders, Tim Holwerda and Chris Wagemakers, want you and every online marketer to have the most amazing, fastest, cutting-edge web page and marketing funnel creator ever built.

It was time to reinvent everything we knew.

Approved by Google

You see, I and my co-founders have a deep attachment — far beyond what the statistics and facts that studies by Google and others reveal — to needing to create marketing and sales funnels that deliver for you and your potential clients and buyers.

We know from our experience that consumers demand a page experience of quality design with rapid loading pages. They want it on all devices.

I have a long background in building websites. In fact, I built over 200 sites for clients. But I personally wasn’t satisfied with the leads and sales results. Though I did do my absolute best, I knew from all these studies that making them perform much better should be possible.

After trying dozens of concepts in highly competitive markets, I discovered a powerful conversion formula — and a website was not the solution.

I and my co-founders put it to work in a 6-day experiment with amazing results I’ll share in a moment.

I know it sounds hokey, but after my frustrations with web design and web sites, I dreamed of a concept that could make creating scalable businesses online that served thousands of people with the best page experience imaginable.

Nearly simultaneously, I met Chris Wagemakers. He revealed the “flow” secret to my dream which is now the backbone process of what I’ll be showing you here in a moment.

Then along comes Tim Holwerda, and he has all the web code secrets that made it all work. The answers to my dream miraculously came together.

The biggest problem was, it took $20K and 8 weeks of time to make it all work in each “flow” we created. Add in the cost of advertising, and wow…that wasn’t acceptable.

A Powerful Formula for Big Sales

Our own marketing flows proved that Google’s tests were correct.

Fifty cents of every dollar were wasted because of slow pages (remember Google says 53% of mobile website visitors will leave your site if a web page doesn’t load within 3-seconds).

To fix this, we started adding Tim’s 44 techie code solutions to our “flows,” to make them the fastest in the world. That’s when Google folks invited us to their offices.

This is completely true. The folks at Google told us the tool was incredible and the speed would maximize lead and sales conversions. Can you imagine?

When Google experts personally tell you that you’ve hit on the right formula… well, we knew we had to push forward. Sales flows were the answer.

3 Things Needed for Marketers' Success Creating Lead and Sales Flows

To boil it down to the essentials, here's what's needed to ensure you can build the best digital marketing funnels anywhere:

First - you need a drag-and-drop builder that works smoothly without being a web code expert to assemble your sales flow.

Most online marketers don't know how to code or design. In fact, most business owners of any kind don't know web code — and why should they?

This means — to be the best at creating sales flows in minutes, you can't need to hire a web developer (avg. cost - $75/hr.) and web designer (avg. cost - $75/hr.), or constantly need to contact support and wait for answers.

Yet you must be able to put up quality pages because Google studies show that 73% of consumers will switch from a poorly designed mobile site to a competitor with a great page experience.

Second - you need to provide a frictionless buying “experience” buyers demand.

This is critical.

Imagine for a moment your response when you land on a slow loading web page on your mobile phone. Did you enjoy it? Did you want to leave?

This means, if you can design a page most people like, you can keep 73% more of your existing visitors. But as you already know, another Google study showed if the page takes more than 3-seconds to load, 53% of those that would have stayed, leave.

Third - you need to ethically steal from the most brilliant marketing minds in the industry.

What’s the mistake 87% of marketers make?

Reinventing the wheel!

I used to think you had to be really creative. But guess what? There are so many smarter people already doing what you’re doing!

So to be successful in this game, learn from the best. Learn from someone who’s grown a business in a way you admire — not by pandering, sending out 90% discounts, or posting on random internet forums with excited “tips” — but someone who’s calmly and methodically grown a multimillion-dollar business that you respect.

Most builders offer templates that weren't tested before.

They're not proven.

It’s one of the things we missed in current funnel/page builders.

See we studied all these marketing geniuses and unicorn companies for over a year.

We went through their marketing.

And made templates out of their flows. Saving you time and money by cutting your development time and giving you a higher chance of making your sales flows profitable FAST.

You have all your pages ready to go, you only need to fill out your own copy and images.

Introducing Converdy Sales Flow Builder… Everything You Need to Set Yourself Up as a Professional Marketing System Creator and Web Page Builder (in Under 13 Minutes)

Our team designed Converdy Sales Flow Builder to enable your transformation from just another marketer... the best marketer and funnel builder on the planet with a truly code-free, hassle free sales flow builder. Converdy will end your annoyances and all your pessimism about whether a drag-and-drop funnel builder can truly be easy, code-free, and provide unbelievably great support.

Instead of creating a web page or sales funnel and finding yourself stuck because you need custom code to make it work, the pages load too slow, then getting the run around from a "support" team, and ultimately delaying your launch or delivery to clients...

you get complete marketing sales flows done in hours (even under 13 minutes) with 0-days of waiting on support. Each guiding your visitor from lead to sale.

If you need support, you'll get answers that matter in less than 24-hours. You'll complete all your projects ahead of schedule, whether for you or for clients.

Plus, you and your clients will be amazed at the results the sales flow experience gets for finding new leads and generating new sales.

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